A project that takes Nuuk to a new level

Siorarsiorfik lays out the direction of the development of Nuuk for the next 12 years and prepares the city for the future.

Clear lines and a single overall plan, which lays out Nuuk’s future. This is the essence of Siorarsiorfik – Nuuk City Development, which lays out the direction of city development for the next 12 years.

It is a historically major plan, which both covers the establishment of a new district, new schools and institutions, and also provides details of new commercial areas and new recreational areas, where nature becomes part of the city.

Unique with a major overall plan

Siorarsiorfik is unique in its scope in Greenland, ensures a fixed course for Nuuk and meets the business community’s need for a fixed framework. Development has been carried out previously with an equivalent intensity, but the new element here is that Sermersooq Municipality brings together the entire project into one overall plan.

By bringing together development, the municipality ensures harmonious development with the whole in focus. The entire city will be developed in a robust and sustainable way, which means the project will prepare the city for the development that for example, a new runway will bring.

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