NCD ensures focus in development

It is important to separate the development of Nuuk from daily operations, so that major plans are not pushed to the background when everyday challenges arise. City development is therefore placed in the hands of the enterprise Siorarsiorfik – Nuuk City Development (NCD).

NCD is tasked with financing, developing, preparing, servicing, constructing and operating the urban development of Nuuk and the completely new district, Siorarsiorfik. The experience from other sites is that by using a dedicated company, it will ensure that the city’s development receives the necessary attention.

Dedicated employees with expertise

Because the city development project is so complex and affects so many different tasks, it is important that a talented team is put together, which has both the expertise and understands the project in depth.

It is therefore beneficial to have a handpicked team and ensure that they can completely dedicate themselves to the work. In this way, a team can be assembled that has the expertise and which understands the project in depth.