Nuuk’s new urban district, Siorarsiorfik, will be situated in a dramatic setting on the approach to Kobbefjord (Seal Fjord). The route takes in steep cliffs and access is difficult, which is why it is necessary to blast a shelf into the mountain to create a road or to dig a tunnel through the Ukkusissat mountain to establish a good route to Siorarsiorfik.

The Siorarsiorfik project includes both a tunnel and a mountain shelf. There are advantages to both solutions, and it may be that we will end up with both of them in the end. The mountain shelf seems to be the most feasible model. It would connect Siorarsiorfik with the rest of the city via a stunning, open coastal road, which will certainly help bolster the image of Nuuk as an attractive Arctic capital.

“The drive to and from Siorarsiorfik will be incredibly beautiful, and a road will help brand Nuuk as a modern, Arctic capital,” says Malene Lynge, Chair of the Committee for Construction and Environment.

One Nuuk

An open coastal road showcases nature, whether you are in a car, on a bike or walking. It will provide a stunning approach to the area, and will give access for transport as well as to more recreational activities.

At the same time, a coastal road will actually connect Nuuk with open roads, whereas a tunnel will give the impression that Siorarsiorfik is a satellite district rather than part of Nuuk.

“We hope that the coastal road will become an attractive area, connecting the city, and that it may end up becoming a new city landmark, highlighting the development we’re working to achieve,” says Malene Lynge.

Less expensive to combine road and pathway

The municipality’s strategy already includes plans to build a coastal path connecting Qinngorput and Siorarsiorfik. It will therefore be possible to combine a coastal road, created by blasting a shelf into the mountain, with a coastal path, making the overall solution less expensive.

The plan is to carve a shelf along the side of the mountain, with a natural arch that opens onto the fjord on one side while the mountain folds around the road, covered with rough concrete.

To protect the safety of motorists, cyclists and pedestrians alike, the plan is to combine the road with a footpath and cycle track. So the mountain shelf will allow residents to use the area for recreational purposes and provide even better potential for an active lifestyle in Nuuk.

A coastal road requires safety measures

One of the reasons why the tunnel was initially preferred was the need for a reliable and safe road link. However, current studies show that a coastal road will not be a problem if necessary safety measures are taken to prevent rock slides.

“Our aim is to create a beautiful, reliable and safe road link that will become the very lifeblood of an exciting new district,” says Malene Lynge.