Nuuk’s new urban districts should promote an active and healthy lifestyle, and there must be room for people from every background. For this reason, one of the important elements of the new municipal development plan is for this major urban expansion to provide new owner-occupied accommodation as well as social housing, student halls of residence and housing for the disabled.

The idea is that there should be room for everyone.

“That’s why I’m delighted with this plan. It focuses on life and diversity. Nuuk must continue to be a place where we consider each other,” says Mayor Asii Chemnitz Narup.

Large numbers of newcomers create great demand

Lots of new buildings have shot up around Nuuk over the past few decades, but our numbers are increasing and there is a serious need for land for new housing. The new municipal development plan prepares the ground for a massive expansion of the housing stock.

This includes space-saving measures in the existing city, development in Qinngorput and, not least, construction of the new Siorarsiorfik district.

In all, the municipality plans to build up to 4,200 new homes: around 800 in Nuuk and Qinngorput and around 3,400 in Siorarsiorfik.

Now’s the time to shape the future

With such a significant expansion of Nuuk, it is essential to decide what will be important for tomorrow’s Nuuk.  One of the municipal council’s main priorities is to ensure that the city is a place that brings people together and where there are good opportunities for being active.

In this context, the outdoor areas are just as important as the homes themselves. There is strong emphasis on considering sun, wind, snow and the view when selecting locations for buildings. Recreational environments will be established between the buildings, and residents will be able to meet at the playgrounds or take a walk along the coast.

“Nuuk must be a place where there’s room for everyone, and where everyone feels at home. So I’m really delighted with the plan because it prepares the ground for new communities and gives us better opportunities for living an active life right on our own doorstep,” says Mayor Asii Chemnitz Narup.

A view for everyone

Another important element of the urban expansion is, of course, the housing itself. A variety of housing types are being considered, but all buildings will be of good quality and will comply with the design manual.

The new buildings will be situated so that their view is restricted as little as possible and they do not overshadow each other.

We are also building a wide variety of houses to meet all needs and requirements. There will be housing for everyone.

Art creates identity

The local politicians also want to place art that creates identity in the new urban districts.

The idea is to add art in the form of monuments in some areas and to integrate it into nature and the recreational areas in others.

“It’s extremely important to me that the new districts have their own identity and become dynamic spaces, which like the rest of Nuuk have their own soul and their own life,” says Asii Chemnitz Narup.