It is important to make a distinction between the development of Nuuk and daily operations, to ensure that the extensive plans are not relegated to the bench when routine challenges arise. In September, the municipal council therefore decided to set up an urban development company: Siorarsiorfik – Nuuk City Development, NCD.

Much of the inspiration for this company was taken from the development of the Port of Aarhus and Copenhagen’s urban development company CPH City & Port Development. It will be NCD’s job to fund, design, prepare, develop, construct and run the urban development of Nuuk and the newly established Siorarsiorfik district.

Experience from elsewhere suggests that urban development receives the attention it needs if a dedicated company is established – purely because urban development is the company’s only focus area.

“Simply put, the aim of NCD is to make sure that the people working with urban development give it the highest priority,” says Lars Møller-Sørensen, Chief Executive Officer of the municipality and new Chairman of NCD’s board.

He explains that NCD was set up to support efforts to implement politicians’ decisions and to show the world that Nuuk takes urban development seriously.

A small team with great expertise

It is important to gather a talented team that both possesses the necessary expertise and understands the project in depth because this urban development project is so complex and has an impact on so many different tasks.

Experience from abroad indicates that one of the great benefits of creating a company dedicated to urban development activities is the ability to handpick a team and ensure that they can fully commit to the work.

“We’re convinced that this construction will enable us to compose a strong, dynamic team with the right expertise in their respective areas,” says Lars Møller-Sørensen.

One of the new company’s vital projects is to secure funding, and the new chairman believes that this constellation also has clear benefits in this area.

“With NCD, we ensure that we have a professional team with the best possible knowledge of the entire project. It puts us in a strong position when we talk to banks and investors, and only adds to the credibility of the project,” says Lars Møller-Sørensen.

He also mentions that the municipality has transferred four housing departments to NCD in order to strengthen Siorarsiorfik – Nuuk City Development.  They add substantial equity to the company and give it the ballast that makes it an attractive partner.

“The aim of this move is to prove that we are fully committed and to convince investors that this project is both sound and attractive,” says NCD’s Chairman, Lars Møller-Sørensen.