Winding roads that follow the natural slope of the terrain. Homes carefully situated in the stunning landscape, and a coastline free from buildings so that a public path can be created for the benefit of all. Tomorrow’s Nuuk must have the feel of an Arctic capital; dynamic and diverse, constantly under development.

The new municipal development plan outlines an extensive expansion of the city, making room for new residents and creating the framework sought after by both residents and the business sector. Plans for the expansion are based on the idea that the city should be robust, sustainable and green.

Design manual ensures cohesion

In order to be in control of the architectural appearance, Sermersooq Municipality has prepared a design manual. This will ensure that both quality and functionality meet the municipality’s requirements for Nuuk’s urban development.

The design manual is intended to provide a good overview of the entire master plan as well as guidelines and proposals for specific solutions for individual elements. For the same reason, the manual is not a definitive document. It is a tool that will constantly develop as the municipality becomes more skilled at controlling the urban development.

“Our aim with this design manual is to set the scene and create a framework that will ensure that Nuuk has a consistent look, and that architecture and quality meet certain standards. But there’s plenty of room to manoeuvre within our framework,” says Mayor Asii Chemnitz Narup.

Robust and sustainable development

The new plan for Nuuk is robust in that it takes into account potential major changes over the coming years, not least in the form of a new airstrip. There may also be developments in tourism and the field of raw materials which could lead to an increase in commercial activities and newcomers to the capital.

The plan also ensures that we will continue to develop Nuuk in a way that strengthens and promotes the city’s special qualities, and that developments are both environmentally and financially sound.

“Above all, it means that we’ll establish attractive new districts. But we’ll also continue to develop the existing city so that it can be a role model for Arctic urban and building culture,” says Mayor Asii Chemnitz Narup.

Maintaining a green profile

One of the primary elements of the master plan is to maintain Nuuk’s green profile. Green and recreational areas help ensure an attractive urban space and, quite simply, make Nuuk a wonderful city to live in.

One example is the municipal plan’s philosophy of drawing attention to the landscape by ensuring that both coast and mountains are accessible. This can be seen in the new districts where building along the coastline is not permitted, to ensure public access and to establish a continuous coastal path.

In addition, green areas are planned around all buildings, both schools and housing. It was particularly important to exploit the natural slopes of the mountains and create recreational areas and green spaces which, based on the topography of the location, highlight the landscape and the proximity to nature.

Community in an attractive local environment

The natural environment will also be taken into account when homes are built in Siorarsiorfik, ensuring that level changes, mountain plateaus and streams become assets. All homes will have a view of the sea and efforts will be made to create outdoor spaces between the houses to promote a sense of community. The centrally located urban space by the harbour will become the heart of the new Siorarsiorfik district and, from here, there will be a direct view into Nuuk.

“We want to create a new urban district, focusing on community and quality – a dynamic space that brings people together and where thought has been put into making outdoor areas attractive,” says Asii Chemnitz Narup.