This is essential in order to provide the business community with favourable conditions, and the need for new industrial districts is urgent.

It is important to Sermersooq Municipality to bolster private initiatives and to provide the best possible conditions for the many business owners.

“That’s why we’re delighted that this local development plan includes so many new industrial sites and that some thought has been put into making Nuuk more attractive to the business sector,” says Malene Lynge (IA, Socialist People’s Community), Chair of the Committee for Construction and Environment.

The new areas are mainly located in the industrial strip, which stretches from the Atlantic to Pukuffik and on to the area between the golf course and the airport. In addition, three smaller commercial sites have been established in Siorarsiorfik.

A variety of needs are accommodated

In the plan, each industry is allocated its own industrial area. For example, heavier industries are located by the port, whereas the new cultural and commercial complex (CCC) will house shared office facilities and large administration services.

Specifically, the idea is to connect industry at the commercial port at Qeqertat and the existing industrial districts at Pukuffik. The municipality’s plans for this area include heavy industry linked to transport, manufacturing and craftsmanship as well as production buildings. However, space will also be allocated for light industry, such as areas for office use, services and independent professionals.

The same applies to the new industrial districts to be created in Siorarsiorfik. These can be used for production buildings, services and similar facilities while building is underway, but the intention is to move in other, more traditional types of industry in the long run.

Attractive offices in a new complex

Other industries will find it more attractive to be situated in the new cultural and commercial complex (CCC), close to the new port and the airport, next to magnificent architecture and with stunning views.

CCC will be given space in Nuuk’s new city centre, midway between Siorarsiorfik and the old town. It will be a dynamic area and a traffic hub, particularly attractive to companies involved in tourism, mining operations and consultancy that can see the benefit of the location.

“Our aim is to create versatile conditions, placing industries in strategic locations around the city, depending on their specific needs, and, at the same time, to create appealing environments that make Nuuk an attractive place to establish a company,” says Malene Lynge.