A road from Siorarsiorfik into Kobbefjord is on the drawing board and will be one of the elements of the project to develop the city. The idea is that the road will offer great scope for new activities such as skiing, riding and mountain biking, and will also pave the way for new urban development.

All in all, Kobbefjord is an extremely attractive area, whether you like collecting mussels, fishing or shooting grouse or merely enjoy rambling through stunning nature. Access to Kobbefjord will therefore make it more attractive to live in Nuuk or to visit us.

ATV track to Kapisillit

A connection to Kobbefjord will open up both the fjord and the hinterland and make them much easier to reach without a boat. It will also connect the village of Kapisillit and Icefjord.

The route into Kapisillit will begin naturally, as a trodden path, and will then be upgraded to an ATV track, which can also be used as a mountain bike track and a bridle path. In the winter, the track will be turned into a snow scooter track and cross-country skiing trail.

“A track of this kind will pave the way for a wealth of new activities in the Nuuk fjord. They’ll be attractive for those of us who live here but they’ll also offer great potential for developing Nuuk as a tourist destination,” says Mayor Asii Chemnitz Narup.

Rock needs to be quarried anyway

The plan is for a mobile quarry to provide the stone for the construction works in the city. At the same time, the quarry will blast a road along the rear of the Ukkusissat mountain. This will create the foundation for the road that will connect Nuuk to a wealth of opportunities in Kobbefjord.

Kobbefjord has a lot to offer, and a road will make it even more of a breathing space for the people of Nuuk. There are plenty of opportunities for fishing, trekking, hunting and mountain biking, and there are winter sports all year round on the glacier. You can collect mussels and berries or climb Kingittorsuaq.

“Nuuk is beautifully situated, surrounded by sea and mountains. This makes it difficult to get out of town without a boat. This road will help and enable everyone to go into the mountains, whether they have a boat or not,” says Mayor Asii Chemnitz Narup.

New areas unfurl

The road into the fjord will also make it possible to expand the city further, if necessary. Kobbefjord presents new areas for port-related industry along the fjord and new residential areas in beautiful surroundings.

Mayor Asii Chemnitz Narup makes it clear that it is important to consider the expansion of the city carefully and not to allow it to have an unnecessary impact on the natural environment. However, it is a good thing that Nuuk is no longer so bound by the barriers nature has built around the city.

“It gives us fantastic potential to develop the city in a sustainable manner and makes Nuuk an even more magnificent place,” says the Mayor.