We need to create housing in Nuuk because more and more people are moving to our country’s capital year on year, and we must be able to offer good housing, good daycare centres and good schools to maintain the positive trend of people choosing Nuuk over emigrating from Greenland.

This is one of the reasons why I’m so delighted about the entire Siorarsiorfik project. With this project, we are creating the development that the whole country – and not merely Nuuk – needs and is ready for.

Siorarsiorfik will create economic growth for the benefit of the entire country and make a permanent mark on society in terms of new local apprenticeships, new jobs and new, local production companies.

Overall, the project will establish the direction of Greenland’s economic growth for the next 40 years, and we owe it to each other and to future generations to make full use of this opportunity and seize it with both hands. Quite simply, we need this local growth.

We have a shortage of daycare centres, we have a shortage of up-to-date schools, we have a shortage of housing and our business sector needs a massive and prolonged boost. We can create all of this with Siorarsiorfik – but we need to pull together; we need to create it as a community.

So I am also delighted that we can add two weeks to the consultation period, so that the consultation for the entire project will last ten weeks instead of the standard eight. It is essential to all of us close to the project, that everyone who wants to, has a chance to be heard. This is one of the biggest and most significant projects in modern Greenlandic history. For this reason, as many people as possible must be heard – and we would like to involve everyone here in Nuuk.

Our joint future and the development of our capital are at stake. We need your opinions to ensure the best possible plan. We must remember that this is about people and quality of life. We need to make room for the residents of Nuuk, and make sure that they do well and prosper, because, above all, our mutual well-being is essential if our capital is to continue its positive trend. We must always ensure that Nuuk is a good place to live; a place where we want to live.

Asii Chemnitz Narup, Mayor