The funding for the project is already in place, since Greenland’s Self-Government transferred school affairs to the municipalities in connection with the country’s 2018 budget.

This means that the country’s municipalities will be awarded funds from the general grant earmarked for building and maintaining schools. Sermersooq Municipality has been given DKK 32 million a year, and this is sufficient to enable the municipality to pay for the project and subsequent rental expenses up front, without affecting the rest of the municipality’s budget.

The school will also be given a new after-school care facility (AKO) and a daycare centre, and all facilities will be built on the former Blok P site in central Nuuk.

“The tender will be for a single public-private partnership project. This means that NCD will raise the capital necessary to complete the project, and the winning companies will build the buildings and handle maintenance and operations for the next 2o to 30 years. So, we and Sermersooq Municipality are aware of the cost in advance for the entire period,” says Jens B. Frederiksen, CEO at NDC.

Since it was founded on 1 October 2017, NCD has worked hard to prepare a broad range of Invitations to Tender, while arming itself to handle the coming years’ projects.

In parallel with erection of the school and daycare centres, NCD is also preparing an Invitation to Tender for the first stage of a coastal path that will run from Kolonihavnen to Saqqarliit. Numerous other site development projects are also on the drawing board, and more housing will be built.

“We’ve employed the staff necessary to realise the decisions that have been taken by Sermersooq municipal council,” says Jens B. Frederiksen. “I’m delighted we’ve reached a stage where we can put further projects out to tender in the near future. We expect that NCD will be able to put these projects out to tender during the first six months of 2018.”

For further details, please contact Jens B. Frederiksen on +299 49 95 95.