New housing, schools, integrated daycare centres, after-school care facilities and a new tunnel are just a few of the elements of the new project to develop Nuuk. It will also boost economic growth for the benefit of the entire country, and the social impact will result in many local apprenticeships, jobs and production. Overall, the project establishes the direction for economic growth in Greenland for the next 40 years. For this reason, a unanimous municipal council – across party boundaries – is behind the project.

“It’s a historic project for Greenland, Sermersooq Municipality and Nuuk,” says First Deputy Mayor Justus Hansen (D, Democrats), and he continues:

“There has been no project more important than this since Sermersooq Municipality was amalgamated in 2009. If we’re to make these expansive visions a reality, we must be ambitious enough to embark on a project of unprecedented dimensions – regardless of our political leanings.”

The parties on Sermersooq’s municipal council – Inuit Ataqatigiit (Socialist People’s Community), Siumut (Social Democrats), Demokraatit (Democrats) and Atassut (Unionist Party) – all support the strategy for the capital and urban development of Nuuk. Second Deputy Mayor Ane Egede Mathæussen (S, Social Democrats) explains why:

“Urban development and creation of a new urban district are essential because they could help solve a wide range of problems with which both Greenland and Nuuk have been struggling for 40 years. We have numerous social challenges, which the project can help tackle. We’ll have better schools and better daycare options for the youngest children. We’ll extend our housing stock and create apprenticeships and jobs locally as well as growth throughout the country. It would be unwise not to support this.”

Mayor Asii Chemnitz Narup (IA, Socialist People’s Community) is delighted about the broad support and the prospectives for Nuuk:

“Throughout the entire process, all of the parties have pulled in the same direction and worked towards the same goal, because the goal is far more important than the party name or our usual coalitions. It’s important that the entire municipal council is behind the visions for the municipality and the capital and that they’re now supporting specific initiatives of the urban development project, because this will both invigorate the lives of Nuuk’s residents and stimulate growth in Greenland. We could have chosen to sit on our hands and wait to see what happens. Instead, we’re taking action together.”