Nuuk’s pulse will beat even faster in the city centre, where the city’s heart and core will be given a new school and new daycare centres.

It is essential to plan tomorrow’s Nuuk to ensure that development is sustainable and that Nuuk becomes an even more attractive place to live.

The fact is that the population of Nuuk grows by 200 to 300 every year, and we expect this figure to increase as we add new workplaces, guaranteed daycare and better housing.

Design with respect for nature

The vision for the new areas in Qinngorput and Siorarsiorfik is to develop urban districts that accentuate the landscape and emphasise proximity to nature. There must be a fusion of landscape and city, with scope for activities and relaxation and where quality of life is given highest priority.

Schools, daycare centres and housing will be built according to the municipality’s architectural policy, the aim being to build solid, functional buildings that enrich the quality of life. Safety and security are in focus, and we will create spaces that bring people together.

The plan is to bolster the business sector

The interests of the business sector is also a key factor of consideration in the new municipal development plan. Plans include new industrial areas at Qeqertat and north of Pukuffik. Nuuk is the hub of Greenland’s commerce and industry, and there is a serious need for attractive options for companies.

The municipal council’s aim with this new plan is to create a first-rate setting for the business sector but also to create the environment sought after by the workforce – an environment that makes Nuuk an attractive place to live. This applies to housing, schools and cultural and daycare facilities.

The master plan

The broad framework for this new plan is presented in the municipality’s ambitious new municipal development plan. It outlines the future for Nuuk and sets out a framework for making Nuuk attractive to investors.

Sustainable development is an essential element of Sermersooq Municipality’s new strategy for the capital. Work on tomorrow’s Nuuk is therefore based on the municipality’s design manual, which draws on the UN’s guidelines for sustainable development.

Facts – the new initiatives

The new municipal development plan includes outlines for a new urban district in Siorarsiorfik and Qinngorput. Other initiatives include:

  • A coastal road or tunnel for access to Siorarsiorfik from Nuuk via Qinngorput.
  • A coastal path connecting Qinngorput to Siorarsiorfik, both physically and visually.
  • A new school to replace Atuarfik Samuel Kleinschmidt (ASK) & Ukaliusaq (USK), an expansion of the Hans Lynge School and a new school in Siorarsiorfik.
  • New integrated daycare facilities including kindergartens and nurseries.
  • New after-school care facilities (AKOs) for children and young people.
  • A cultural and commercial centre (including a stadium and areas for commercial use).
  • New residential areas.

All these elements are included in a new master plan for Nuuk and 37 supplements to the development plan.