At the beginning of September, Sermersooq municipal council decided to establish a municipally owned urban development company: Siorarsiorfik – Nuuk City Development (NCD). It will be this company’s job to fund, design, prepare, develop, construct and run the urban development of Nuuk and the newly established Siorarsiorfik district.

NCD has now been officially incorporated and has a board of directors and an interim CEO.

Lars Møller-Sørensen (Chair), Jess G. R. Berthelsen, Marie Kathrine Fleischer, Inaluk M. Brandt, Karl-Gustav Jensen and Mike J. Kristiansen are members of the board.

Jens B. Frederiksen will be NCD’s acting CEO until 1 March 2018. This was unanimously decided by the Committee on Finance and Commerce at their latest meeting. Jens B. Frederiksen was formerly chairman of the Demokraatit party and has been a member of both the Parliament of Greenland (Inatsisartut) and the Government of Greenland (Naalakkersuisut).

After he left politics in 2014, Jens B. Frederiksen held the position of Deputy Director at True North Gems Greenland A/S and at Greenland Ruby A/S.

Jens B. Frederiksen was also, among other things, a chief inspector with Greenland’s police force.

NCD has appointed an acting CEO, since a company must have a director in order to be incorporated. The position of CEO will be advertised in the normal manner, and employment will begin on 1 March 2018.

Jens B. Frederiksen took up the post this week.