Due to the fact that the project is much larger than any previous project in Greenland, Sermersooq Municipality will be able to incorporate a range of CSR obligations into the project. Among other things, this means that the project will be required to take on more than 100 apprentices and to use local labour.

“Local involvement is essential, both to the project and to the city. The fact that we’ll be able to demand local training and create permanent employment in the city was important to the municipal council,” says Mayor Asii Chemnitz Narup (IA, Socialist People’s Community).

Nuuk can look forward to over 100 apprenticeships. This delights Second Deputy Mayor Ane Egede Mathæussen (S, Social Democrats):

“This is a unique opportunity to target the group of young people who aren’t in education today. It shows that the positive aspects of the project spread like ripples in water, and this benefits Nuuk in many ways.”

A large proportion of the elements for housing and institutions need to be manufactured locally – elements such as doors, windows and concrete panels.

“We were only able to secure commitments for the manufacturing of materials in Greenland and local labour because, due to its magnitude, the project was attractive from the very beginning. This enables us to incorporate a range of CSR obligations into the project, which will have a social impact on Nuuk and Greenland,” says First Deputy Mayor Justus Hansen (D).