In less than ten years, when the fourth residential area in Greenland’s capital is finished, the new Siorarsiorfik district will hopefully be home to 5,000 people.

Sermersooq Municipality’s strategy for the capital includes an ambition for Nuuk to have 30,000 residents by 2030. Today, just under 18,000 people live in the capital, and the waiting lists at Iserit A/S – Sermersooq Municipality’s housing association – are long.

“The number of people wishing to live in Nuuk is clearly on the increase. This results in a huge demand for rented accommodation and an extremely long waiting list,” says Torben Kortegaard, CEO at Iserit. He explains:

“It’s Iserit’s clear assessment that, in a manner of speaking, the supply creates its own demand. Based on this, the conclusion is that we’ll need to build lots more homes over the coming years to meet the demand and to create a better balance on the social housing market. So it’s good news that the capital can now look forward to an increase in Nuuk’s housing stock. Adding a completely new district to Nuuk is the most obvious answer to the shortage.”