Nuuk will not be the only place to benefit from the new urban development project in the capital and establishment of the new Siorarsiorfik district to the south of the city. The rest of the municipality and the towns outside Nuuk will also profit from the capital’s major development project.  Justus Hansen (D), First Deputy Mayor of Sermersooq Municipality, is quite certain of this:

“The private sector is showing great interest in investing in Nuuk. This enables us to inject more public funds into the towns outside Nuuk. If Sermersooq Municipality itself had to cover the cost of building schools and daycare centres in Nuuk, it would eat up the entire construction budget for six to seven years. If we spread the investment over a longer period of time, we can raise the standard of the entire municipality at once by releasing finances and staff resources.”

Strong capital, strong municipality
Justus Hansen lives in Tasiilaq. When the First Deputy Mayor looks from east to west over the metropolitan municipality, he sees a close link between a strong capital and a strong municipality outside Nuuk:

“It’s important to the entire country that we have a strong capital. And a strong city in Sermersooq Municipality is important to the rest of the municipality. The majority of our tax income comes from Nuuk, and this enables us to provide good public service throughout the municipality. But it’s also important that we politicians give our residents freedom of choice. We do this by building housing so that they can decide themselves where they want to live.”