Nuuk’s pulse will beat even faster in the city centre, where the city’s heart and core will be given a new school and new daycare centres. However, the plan is to spread the development of Nuuk to new districts, to ensure that the structure of the city is sustainable when it has 30,000 residents.

This allows downtown Nuuk to maintain its green areas, and traffic will be more evenly spread around the city, preventing the centre from drowning in cars.

Natural and lively hub

The new urban centres will be built around schools, daycare centres, cultural facilities and industrial districts. The idea is that they will create a natural hub in the urban districts where they are located. They will help to give the local areas life and an identity.

A completely new centre will be constructed in Siorarsiorfik, whereas the current centres of Nuuk, Nuussuaq and Qinngorput will be enhanced with new institutions, cultural facilities and workplaces. This will create life in the suburbs and cultivate the ideal of an active society, where residents don’t merely exist but live full lives.