With the district of Siorarsiorfik, Nuuk is cultivating a close link to nature and opportunities for an active lifestyle. Green and recreational areas help ensure attractive urban spaces and excellent opportunities for adventure and sport.

One example of this is the philosophy of accentuating the landscape’s natural virtues and making nature more easily accessible. We are already seeing this in the new urban districts where the coastline is kept clear of buildings to ensure public access and make the coast a shared asset.

A wealth of new opportunities

Because the new district will become an extension of Nuuk, it will provide access to new areas, giving plenty of opportunity to be active in nature:

A road into Kobbefjorden (Seal Fjord) affords excellent scope for hiking trips, riding and mountain biking. A gondola-style cable car will take you to the top of Ukkusissat from where you can hike along the mountain ridge. Last but not least, there is now a coastal path between Qinngorput and Siorarsiorfik for residents to enjoy a walk or a jog by the waterside.