There’s a good distance between each of the new houses in Siorarsiorfik to make sure they don’t overshadow each other and that they follow the natural slope of the terrain. This staggers the position of the buildings and ensures that all homes have a view of the fjord.

A variety of housing types are being considered but all will be of good quality, and the overall design must comply with the municipality’s design manual. This ensures that the quality is suitable for Arctic climes and that the district will have a coordinated look.

Social housing will be prioritised

The municipality is also planning a wide range of housing to meet all needs and requirements. For example, social housing will be given high priority – so, there will be housing for everyone.

And the need is great, since the population of Nuuk grows by 200 to 300 every year and many of the buildings are very run down. However, this project includes up to 4,200 new homes: around 800 in Nuuk and Qinngorput and around 3,400 in Siorarsiorfik.