Up-to-date surroundings and healthy buildings are just as important to children as they are to adults. And Nuuk’s growth will put further pressure on current facilities. An important aim of the Nuuk City Development (NCD) project is therefore to build new schools, after-school care and daycare centres.

Good schools and institutions are essential if parents are to consider Nuuk an attractive city to live in. The NCD project focuses on creating an ideal setting, with contemporary buildings surrounded by appealing outdoor areas.

Great plans

The aim is to establish a new school in central Nuuk to replace the two current schools, ASK and USK, both of which are ripe for redevelopment. Space will be allocated for a senior school at AHL in Qinngorput and for a completely new school in Siorarsiorfik.

New after-school care and daycare centres will also be built, guaranteeing care facilities for all children.